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We seen some customer tend to believe that for maintaining/installing an air-conditioning system no need a grate expert, and in case of a brake down call/installation any of work shop technician or local contractor can done it.

But while a work shop technician or a local contractor might be an easy option, they don’t have that kind of thorough knowledge on air-conditioning engineering and method, they don’t understand about indoor air quality, energy efficiency, the design and circuits. Also they don’t have the infrastructure and resources necessary to handle your costly and High tech air-conditioning systems.
Example No 1. Installation of a split type air conditioner.
Example No 2. Gas charging of an air conditioning systems.
We classic recognized that clean healthy air is essential for your healthy living, and it should come to you a professional way with a nominal fee, it is we  recommended that aircon units have to be serviced regularly by qualified technicians. We provide you with the finest and most comprehensive range of service, repairing, annual maintenance contract and installation to take care of your air conditioning systems through professionals of this field.<.
ndergone air conditioning studies and training with professionals as well as year of experience in air conditioning service filed. It will help us to offer a professional service for your hi-tech air conditioning systems.

Our service team are ready to attend your call at the appointed date and time to check the airconditioner and rectify the faults, faulty parts will be repair either be replaced on the spot or at an another appointed time depending on parts availability.

We are believe protecting your costly and hi-tech air conditioning systems from damage and mal functioning is important as your initial investment, and we classic help you on that. Our air conditioning engineers periodically check your air conditioner, repairing and replacing required parts and turning you’re systems for maintain a perfect working condition, if you are entered in our comprehensives annual maintenance service contract.

We are committed to provide you the highest level of reliable and comfortable service along with genuine spare parts with a personal touch.


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