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About Air Conditioning

● Principal & Function  of Air-conditioning
● how an Air Conditioner works?
● The purpose of comfort Air Conditioning
● Comfort level of Air-Conditioning
● Why water drips from an Air Conditioner

Principal & Function  of Air-conditioning

The meaning of Air Conditioning is the simultaneous control of Temperature, Humidity, Motion & Purity of the atmosphere in confined Space.

The principal of air-conditioning is always comes down the same

“Energy will absorb in one place and release it in another place”

For this process an air conditioner need a condensation area and evaporation area a set of piping connected with the both. Through a compressor the piping allow refrigerant flow from one area to another. The refrigerant will absorb the energy from one area and release it in the other.

how an Air Conditioner works?

When the compressor is started it sucks the low temperature and low pressure refrigerant vapor from the evaporator through the suction line. After compressing, it discharges the high temperature and high pressure refrigerant in vapor state to condenser through the discharge line. in the condenser vapor is condensed and change the stage of high pressure low temperature refrigerant liquid with the help of atmospheric air which was circulated by a condenser fan. This liquid flows towards expansion device through the liquid line & strainer. When the liquid passes through the expansion device its pressure and temperature are lowered and enters into the evaporator as low pressure & low temperature refrigerant liquid. Here in evaporator this liquid refrigerant gets low pressure and low temperature vapor by absorbing the heat from the room air, which is being sucked by the blower through the evaporator coil. Hence the room air gets cooled and the same is discharged to the room. The compressor sucks the vaporized refrigerant again. This cycle is repeated till the compressor works.

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The purpose of comfort Air Conditioning is

1. Supply of fresh air for Oxygen & removal of Carbon-di-oxide .

2. Removal Of heat dissipated by the occupants.

3. Removal of moisture dissipated by the occupants.

4. To provide sufficient air movement & air distribution in the confined space.

5. To maintain the purity of air by removing odour & dust

Comfort level of Air-Conditioning?
1. Temperature: - 24 + 2 Degree Celsius DBT.
2. RH :- 50 + 10% RH.


Why water drips from an Air Conditioner?

It is due to the condensation of moisture present in the room air
In our atmospheric air is having a mixers of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide And moisture when your air conditioner working cooling coil temperature will go down and moisture atomic Wight will increase and moisture will change as water and start to dripping from cooling coil.




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